4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound is 3D ultrasound in motion. This is where you see the fetus expressing itself. You will see your baby in 4D during the scan. If you want to have a keepsake of this, you will need to have a package that includes a DVD.

Have a look at our 3D Ultrasound for additional Presentations.

3D/4D Presentation with DVD 30 min. Session | $145

  • 20 minutes of fetal scanning, non-diagnostic
  • Hear the baby's heart beating
  • DVD recording of complete 3D/4D scan session
  • Gender assessment (if requested)
  • Four printed (4 x 6) 3D colour print
  • All images will be emailed to your address
3D/4D Presentation with DVD

JUST CAN'T WAIT 4D Presentation Two Visits | $184.00

  • 2 visits
  • First is for Gender ($59.00)
  • Return when baby is older for 3D/4D presentation with DVD ($145.00)
  • $20.00 savings
JUST CAN'T WAIT 3D Presentation  - Two Visits

Ultimate 3D/4D Presentation 45 min. Session | $189

  • 25 minutes of fetal scanning, non-diagnostic
  • 4D DVD recording of complete scan session
  • 2nd DVD slide show of 3D images recorded to music
  • Gender assessment (if requested)
  • Six printed 3D (4 x 6) colour photos in holder
  • All images will be emailed to your address
Ultimate 3D/4D Presentation

Add-ons for 3D/4D Presentations

  • Additional (4 x 6) 3D colour prints $ 5.00 each
  • Custom photo frames (hold 2 photos) $10.00 each
Options for 3D/4D Presentations
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Additional Specials

See JUST CAN'T WAIT two visit presentations for specials if wanting to return after having a gender scan

20% off your second 3D/4D Presentation during the same pregnancy.
30% off your third 3D/4D Presentation during the same pregnancy.
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